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March 11, 2003

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Hi everyone!

It took me a long time, but finally I am back with new updates. First of all, I managed to get an interview with a very special person. I'm not gonna tell yet! Just go and read.

I also made minor adjustments to the detective notes pages and review corner page to show the enigma agents link in HA's files and Lisa as a new author.

Lack of time forced me to postpone the awards to later this year. All stories coming out will automatically be eligable for appropriate awards.

Finally, next to adding Lisa's new site to the ever growing list I also tracked down another link (presumably Spanish or Portugese).

Have fun!


(March 11, 2003)

Section: Links

Hi everyone!

Besides writing a very long report about my research, I've also been busy for the site in the past month. Two new interviews are in production and a third is possibly on the way. So keep your eyes peeled for them.

I've also edited the links page so all links to outside sources will be opened in a fresh window. Boy, have I been meaning to that for a long time. :-) With a new fanfiction site in the space of one that's currently down.

I hear you asking: "What about the 'dusty archives'?" Well, I've been looking through the updates for SHC in 2000. It made me smile. It was a good year, especially for fanfiction. If I am correct, 2000 could possibly have given us the most fanfics you see in the archive today. But I'm digressing. I found a link to a Shirley Holmes E-Card Site by Eber. It's still up so why not visit it?

But that's not all! I think the plan for a Shirley Holmes Movie is so good, that there's a new community for it on the messageboard! I hope this will help you to organize thoughts on the story before we suggest anything to the 'Powers That Be'.

That's all for now.

MacGyverMagic, signing off...

(November 15, 2002)

Section: Downloads | Links

I'm sorry for the lack of updating in the past month. I've been working on some new stuff for the site and a scientific article in real life. Nevertheless I hope you will enjoy the new set of 6 Shirley Holmes Icons in the new downloads section. Of course, input is - again - appreciated.

I also put up some links to alternative fanfiction archives so you can still read the stuff banned. I still think they provide the best service available, but I will post my coming musician fic somewhere else obviously.

(October 5, 2002)

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Hello everybody!

After a well deserved holiday on the Greek island of Corfu I've decided to dust off the site and put up some new stuff. First of all I'd like to say that Dan Henry correctly solved Mystery File 3, therefore entering our Detective Hall of Fame for the very first time. Also Pearl and Moontrimmer have been added to the author list in the Review Corner. And there is also a new quote originally featured on one of Leslie's pages.

You probably noticed the new look as well. Slightly different, but absolutely needed to make the navigation easier. Like Shirley Holmes Central I've all navigational links on one page and only some important links that don't change often on every page. This will make maintenance a lot easier for me. (And hopefully updates more regularly)

I also added a search option to the site. You can use it to search and Shirley Holmes Central on pretty much everything.

Today the interview with Jessica Soedirgo and a few links to my new favorite band in the links section air as well. And I decided to write an essay on research in fanfiction.

And finally: I'm putting together the nominee list for this year's awards, but I need your help. Please tell me which entry of the long list yo'd like to see win the Best Story or Special Award. You can use the contact page to send in your suggestions!

(September 3, 2002)

Input highly appreciated!
I love to hear your ideas and suggestions. To keep the spirit of Shirley Holmes and the fansites alive we need input from the fans, that's YOU!

Please participate in the vote about your favorite places on and send me your mystery files, quizes and totally new ideas. Everything will be taken into consideration for posting on the site. (February 26, 2002)

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